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Research and Manufacturing facilities ensure the highest quality for our products.

Speciality Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals are known as formulation Chemicals are used in many of the industrial sectors.

Key-Raw Materials

We are known to be amongst the leading manufacturers of key-raw materials.

Aromatic & Heterocyclic

All over India as a manufacturer of chemical intermediates and a reliable partner to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Various Custom Molecules

Custom molecules means the exclusive synthesis of compounds on behalf of the customer, i.e., you can order a specific molecule that is only synthesized on your request on the scale.

Amino Acid

Compounds that have been derived from an amino acid by either replacing or removing the amino group, carboxyl group, side group, or any group which is attached to the central atom.


Our expertise lies in isolating critical impurities. Amino Organics is driven by its passion for adhering to International quality standards has created an excellent in-house R&D Centre.

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Product will come out of our high quality manufacturing unit that ensures the best of the quality.